Thermochemical water-splitting not unknown to scientists from Gulf. Dr John Norman from General Atomic Company is telling us of the hope for energy in water.  Due to the difficulty of finding this article in the archives of the company, we were obligated to present you with this less than perfect rendering of the article. It is ironic that an oil company is discovering the thermosplitting process initiated at 1600F , a temperature readily available in internal combustion engines, that would clean up their act and make all internal combustion engines cheaper to operate, and more enduring. The article says it is expansive to extract hydrogene at 1600F , but in a motor, we have this temperature as very common, and the obtained atomic H and O are now activated to catalyse the combustion reaction.


John Norman

This is the article:

“You probably remember grade-school science that water is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen,” says Dr John Norman. “Here at General Atomic Company, a subsidiary 50% owned by Gulf Oil , a project is under way to extract hydrogen from water for use as fuel: for heating, cooking, or anything that now uses petroleum or natural gas. “

“The extraction process is called thermochemical water-splitting. We know it works because we have done it. But it takes high temperature—about 1600o F – rather expensive.”

“It may be the turn of the century before it becomes commercial. But it’s an attractive idea. Hydrogen from a gallon of water has about half as much energy as there is in a gallon of gasoline.”

“Hydrogen can be made into a liquid or gaseous fuel. It can be transmitted long distances more cheaply than electricity. And when hydrogen burns, it’s converted back into water, Very tidy.”

At Gulf our priority is to get all the oil and natural gas we can out of resources here in America. But we’re working on a lot of other idea too. Thermochemical water splitting is one of them….


In the following video you will hear some experts witnessing on the power of simple water ,  including Mr Waag whos design allowed the USA the gain air supremacy over Japan and thus win the war.

But then we where focusion on power now we fucus on clean air and efficient motor.