LEAN FUELS announces its EXCLUSIVE 25% LEAN FUEL REDUCTION SYSTEM. After 33 years of development, the company has developed a FUEL REDUCTION REGULATOR with a H20 – COMPENSATION SYSTEM, that recycles combustion H20 back to combustion.

Engine oxygen sensors have been adjusted to handle the surplus oxygen. Unlike, older water injection systems, used by the US air force and race cars in the past, that required a supplementary water tank, LEAN FUELS has developed and filed new patents, that recycles the combustion H20 that is created from the standard AIR FUEL RATIO (14.7-1).

This new development, revolutionizes fuel efficiency, while reducing emissions at the same time. Fleets will especially welcome a 25% fuel savings, while they can also qualify for CARBON CREDITS. Tests are being scheduled to obtain O.E.M. Standards, with the Auto Manufacturers of America, under the new mandates, for better efficiency and less emissions.

Meanwhile, preliminary emission reduction tests, with a Yamaha dealer, have shown impressive results.

Water injection has always been known in the Racing Industry to increase H.P. Major car manufactures such as Mercedes Benz, Porsche, BMW and even Oldsmobile, have demonstrated amazing power, using water injection, since the invention of the Automobile. Ford even had a water drip system, on his original Model T.

LEAN FUELS has gone in the opposite direction. Instead of power, from H20, LEAN FUELS offers economy, with approximately the same power. 33 years ago Pepsi Cola testified on saving 30% fuel, with LEAN FUELS original prototype water injection system. The Florida Hollywood Police Department, testified to the National News Media, that they DOUBLED the fuel mileage, on an official Police car! (May 9th., 1979)

It has taken over 30 years to develop a new system for computer controlled engines, that do not allow fuel reduction specifications, without engine warning lights, causing a problem. LEAN FUELS are back finally. A DIESEL FUEL REDUCTION SYSTEM is under construction and will be available soon.

Happy Earth Day World,

LEAN FUELS corporation